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7 Tips From Successful Consultants That Can Power Your Job Search

A consultant is an expert in a particular field who works as an advisor either to a company or another individual. In order to be a consultant, you have got to be take the knowledge that you have gained into […]


How To Build The Future: Lessons In Innovation

I recently read Zero to one: Notes on Startups Or How To Build The Future, a book by venture capitalist, PayPal co-founder, and early Facebook investor, Peter Thiel along with Blake Masters. I must admit that it took me a few readings […]

Side project

Five Reasons Why You Should Take Up A Side Project

This website is a side project for me. I work on it after work and weekends. That doesn’t mean that I am not 100% focused on my day job. In fact, I am learning a few things about marketing which […]

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Your Ultimate Career Guide for Ugandan Professionals

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